$1,000 or More At Closing When We Help You Buy!

See the chart below to see how much you can get back on your next real estate purchase in Florida!  I am happy to give you 20% of my real estate commission when I help you buy real estate.  See below for details:

Cash back at closing!

Get $1,000 or more cash back at closing when Precision Approach Realty helps you buy real estate in Florida


I have a choice… I can pay advertisers or I can pay you!  When I pay advertisers, there is no guarantee that the investment will yield results.  When I give the money to you, it is a guarantee that our customers will be satisfied and are likely to tell everyone they know about their great real estate buying experience.  A referral from a happy customer is the best form of advertising there is.

Buying a home is a very important financial decision and I have learned that you can use all of the financial assistance possible when buying a home.  Would you rather have a gift with your Realtor’s number on it or would you rather have thousands of dollars to use any way you like?

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